Sunday, May 28, 2017

I Brake For...Chilling

Greetings everyone, Hannah here! I am really excited to share this card with you!
Have you ever had a stamp that you’ve seen used and then couldn’t imagine any other use for it? That is exactly how I felt about this little monster for quite some time. I’d accidentally seen how another Design Team member utilized this cutie and then couldn’t imagine him in any other card. In the beginning, I struggled with how I thought this card would look.
I took inspiration from the sentiment. It made me think of science, so then I scoured my stash for any science related stamps. I even went to the IBFS website, they’ve got a TERRIFIC background stamp that I strongly considered ordering for this card. You can view it here. Before I spent money I didn’t exactly have I decided to try to think outside the box a little. This is when I discovered a background stamp in my stash that was supposed to be stepping stones. They could be molecules, I could make them appear sort of like little blobs under a microscope! I took that idea and ran with it. The next logical conclusion was to add a shaker element into this card, but I wanted to add water to glitter. After some research, and a lot of trial and error I figured it out.
Hopefully, this card makes you think of what might be going on at the cellular level of this adorable little monster. The interactivity of this card makes it GREAT for kids of all ages, you can shake, press, and move around the water and glitter in this card! I also finished him off using wool fibers on his tale, so it is extremely touchable.

I created this card for the I Brake For Stamps design team. IBFS has over 3000 images in their inventory, both in digital and in rubber stamp format. The rubber stamps are extremely high quality and made here in the USA.

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