Saturday, June 11, 2016

I Brake for Sympathetic Poppies

Hello and happy Saturday!

I needed a sympathy card last week.  My husband's brother's best friend's dad passed away and my brother-in-law came to stay with us from Hilton Head for the week.  This is the card that I sent with my husband to the funeral.  I had looked up the meaning of poppies and found that they are an expression of sympathy in many countries.

I used an image and two verses from I Brake for Stamps on my card.

I decided to do an open window card so that you could see the verse and part of the inside from the front.

Aren't poppies pretty?
I currently own 5 poppy stamps from IBFS and I plan on adding more to my collection.

Here's the inside of the card with the parts you can't see through the window.

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