Monday, June 13, 2016

I Brake for Dragon Birthdays

{jane bosi} Who remembers Puff the Magic Dragon??  I totally loved that story.  I think I've recently heard random things about a remake movie or something.  Not that it really matters because,  in my head, it is what it is and I love it!!  I'm particularly drawn to this stamp set, Beast Dragon Sheet, exactly because of Puff!

My kiddo had a party to attend so, I thought why not drag out the dragon?  It's a fun little image to water color--and, those balloons!?  Super fun with some water color paints and a little bit of trimming!  I used an inexpensive set of watercolors that dry somewhat chalky.  To perk things up and add a bit of sparkle, I covered the dragon with some glaze and then a light dusting of glitter.  I'm not sure this picture does complete justice...I had a bit of an aged brain moment (no disrespect intended!  And, I qualify since today I'm aging by another year!) and put the wrong water mark on the good picture.  Since I already gave the card away, I had to be flexible and use just an okay pic.  You'll forgive, right?

Anyhooooo.  Get stampy.  Ya know?  Be Awesome--Jane

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  1. Omgosh I so remember Puff the magic dragon, I had it on record, not sure where it is, but I should still have the record somewhere. Funny! LOVE your card its super cute!!