Saturday, April 1, 2017

I Brake for honest people!!

Hello and happy Saturday!

Welcome to my I Brake for Stamps post and prepare for a wonderful story!

Recently someone did something tremendously nice for my son and I wanted to send them a little thank you.  He went out the night before our big blizzard two weeks ago and met his friends in the local ball field parking lot to carpool.  They went to Taco Bell and then back to the parking lot to get their cars.  The next morning he went to look for his wallet and couldn't find it.  He searched his car, called his friend and had him search his where to be found. He called Taco Bell and nothing had been turned in. He decided that he must have lost it in the parking lot....the parking lot that after two days was under 33" of snow. We figured by the time the plows finished their work it would be long gone.  He went back and checked a couple times as the snow melted but no luck.

On the front of the card I used THANK YOU.

A couple days ago he was in the lunch line at school and was asked by the woman running the register if he was "D.M." and if he'd lost anything.  His wallet popped into his head but he knew she couldn't be talking about that so he said no.  She asked "Then you didn't lose your wallet?"  He told me his eyes nearly popped out of his head.  She pulled his wallet out of her pocket and told him that her husband had found it.  It was water damaged but everything was inside it.  His license, school ID, bank card (he canceled it), his money and all his gift cards.  Amazing!!  He's so lucky that a decent, honest person found it!

on the inside and left some space to tell the lunch worker
and her husband how grateful we are to them.

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