Monday, May 11, 2015

I Brake For Silhouettes....and Bister

{jane bosi}  Happy Monday, Brakers!!  I hope all you mommies and mommy-types had a great day yesterday! 

Today, I have a bister background to share--with a beautiful silhouette image!  I created this background by layering multiple dippings of bister.  I continue to experiment with maintaining the color saturation I am wanting.  This little "dip" method works great for a marbled look. 

I began by sprinkling some bisters on my non-stick craft sheet and then generously sprtized with water.  After larger pools of wet bisters formed, I dipped my cardstock into the inks.  Dry.  Repeat. And, do it again!

To finish off this earthy looking card, I waited until the background was completely dry (over night).  Then, I embossed Fennel Silhouette Negative directly on to it.  A wide piece of burlap ribbon and some pearly accents finish things off.

Have a great day and, don't forget to be awesome!  TTFN, Jane

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous and love the CAS design. Adding the burlap really gives it a great look too.