Saturday, September 26, 2020

I Brake for Sunflowers!

 Hello and happy Saturday!

Today I'm sharing a sunshiny card that has no purpose yet.

It may become a birthday card or a thinking of you never know.

I used MS91 to make my card.

I'm torn...a couple weeks ago I made a card with a branch and bee for my son's girlfriend's October birthday.  Her favorite flower is the sunflower though.  Decisions, decisions...I think I'll show them both to him and let him decide what she'd like the most.

I live in the country and have deer and squirrels galore.  I rarely have a sunflower actually bloom but this year I was lucky enough to have several. (well...5)  That's a pretty big accomplishment for my yard.  I'm in love with this wonderful stamp sheet and all the beautiful flowers and leaves.  Check it out at I Brake for Stamps here.

1 comment:

  1. A really pretty card! It would be hard to choose between the two for your son’s girlfriend. Could you give her one and he give her one too?