Saturday, June 27, 2020

I Brake for OZ!

Hello and happy Saturday!!

Today I'm sharing the card that I made for my sister's birthday...this coming November.  Yes,  I may have planned a little bit ahead. I've been a fan of I Brake for Stamps for a VERY long time.  Some how I had never seen this set until recently.  My sister is a HUGE Wizard of Oz fan and I just couldn't wait to make her this card!!

The set is called MOVIE POSTERS SHEET and it has 8 images on it. I used 5 of them on my card.

I got on Google to see how to color this more accurately and found this Spanish poster that matched the image.

This is the inside of the card right now but they may change before I send it to my sister.  I remembered that I have a small shoe die so I might cut some ruby slippers out and add them.

To create my sparkly "ruby" border around the poster I used a FUSIBLE GLITTER SHEET.  These aren't really meant to be used like paper but I can't get enough of that glorious sparkle these sheets have!!  This one is the RED.  Check out the link to see all you can do with these sheets!  I have a bunch of colors and they're all stunning!  You can use them to iron onto clothing or other craft projects.  

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