Saturday, April 25, 2020

I Brake for Country Birthdays!

Hello and happy Saturday!

I hope you're all doing well and staying healthy!
Today I'm sharing my niece's birthday card.  She'll be 20 on Tuesday. She can't hang out with her friends so my sister is planning a surprise drive by parade for her.

I used an image from Southwest Plate #4.

I would have loved to have glammed this card up with a belt buckle and twine and some metal studs but right now I have to keep my cards one layer and lightweight so I can mail them from home. Anything that too thick or bumpy can't be machined and I'm avoiding the post office right now.  I asked my sister if Riley has a favorite color.  She said not really but probably green.  She said she she also loves kids, a shopping cart would work (she's working at a grocery store while going to college) and she loves country music!  Finally, something I could work with! lol!  I even found paper in my stash that said Country Music on it!

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