Saturday, April 6, 2019

I Brake for Birds and Berries!

Hello and happy Saturday!
I have a friend that I've made cards for for years.
She recently "re-purposed" one into a card for her dad.
He said it just might be the prettiest card he'd ever seen. He recently lost his wife of over 60 yrs. so she asked if I could make some more bird cards that she could occasionally send to him. prepared for more bird cards in my upcoming posts!

This is the first one I've made.

Sandy and her dad have a bond over their love of birds.  If you look back through my bird posts you've probably heard me talk about her before.  She bought me a bird feeder and some seed years ago, gave me a subscription to Birds and Blooms and I've never looked back. I have multiple feeders now and can identify every bird that comes to my feeders.

IBFS has an extensive collection of bird stamps.

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  1. This is so pretty! I love birds too, and have lots of feeders. My least favorite bird is the squirrel. I have on sacrificial feeder that I let it go on, otherwise I don’t! Do you use EBird? You could report your feeder watching to it for scientific purposes, if you want!