Saturday, August 27, 2016

I Brake for Bistered Leaves!

Hello and happy Saturday!

Today I'm sharing a card that was inspired by Cheryl.  I kind of felt like I was being left in her Thanksgiving dust with all her amazing creations so I pulled out a stamp I hadn't used yet.

This is called Large Leaf.
The really fun part about this card is that I didn't color with my usual Copic markers.  I used BISTER powder stains to color the leaves.  I used Red and Natural for my leaves and then a little bit of yellow Copic marker just to add some highlights.  I know my fall leaves are never just one color.  I love how natural they turned out the color variations you get from the powders.

All I did was take some watercolor paper, stamp the leaf twice and cut them out.  Next I spritzed the paper with a little water and applied the powder.  You don't need very much powder at all for this.  I use my needle-nose tweezers to grab a little powder and I sprinkle it over the paper.  Then I spritz again.  Sometimes I just leave it as is.  This time I took a tissue and dabbed it around so that the entire leaf was stained and then just added a couple tiny little sprinkles of powder to make some darker spots.  Super easy and so pretty!

I used EVERY DAY PHRASES  for the Happy Thanksgiving verse.

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