Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Brake For Prayers!

Hey all, Kristen here with a bit of a sad heart today, as I am sure many of you heard about the bombing at the Boston Marathon yesterday.  I am originally from Mass, and lived there most of my life, and as a little girl, and every year for years, my Grandmother and Aunt used to take me to the Boston Marathon.  It has always been a great memory for me, and it just saddens me that it is now tainted by a terrorist attack.  What has this world come to???? So, with the yesterdays news so fresh in my mind, I decided to put some of my emotions into my card today.  There were 3 people killed yesterday, and one of them was an 8 yo little boy, so that is what I had in mind today when I was getting creative.  I used the Boy Praying stamp from I brake for stamps, combined with my new authentique DP, and came up with this very simple card.  As I will be praying for all of the people of Boston, I hope you will too. Have a great evening!

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  1. Your card is beautiful. You're right, it was a very sad day. My boss was one block down from the first explosion and said his body, the street and the buildings all shook. His wife had just gone by 15 min. before. I felt terrible that they had to experience this on a day that should have made them so happy and proud.