Friday, December 31, 2010

Go Dick Clark!!

{jane bosi} hee hee......I just saw Dick Clark on Rockin' New Year's Eve and thought he deserved a bit of a shout out!! He's made it from my childhood; through my absent years when I actually left the house to celebrate the New Year; to carrying on the tradition for my kids.....LOL!! What a man!
I'm back on board with blogging and sharing this final clown from the Rick St. Dennis clown sheet! This card uses the TJ Newsletter technique called Triple Mosaic (June 2006). Visit my blog for more info and a recap of all of these amazing images!! Be sure, also, to check out the year end savings Della has going on right now!
Happy New Year to One and All! TTFN, Jane


  1. Dick Clark rocks!!! Love this card!

  2. Love this layout with the color blocking, Jane!

  3. This is such a fun card! Great job with the color blocking! Happy New Year! Regan