Saturday, July 13, 2019

I Brake for Garden Pavers!

Hello and happy Saturday!

Today I'm not sharing a paper craft.  At school we started a community garden this year and someone donated some pavers.  Any adult staff that was interested was invited to paint one for the little patio they built.

At first I wasn't going to participate because I figured I'd become obsessed with Pinterest trying to find the perfect idea for my rock.  Then, one night I had a dream that I painted 3 big mushrooms. I actually remembered the dream when I woke up and started thinking about what I could do to bring my idea to life.

I had just got the Shroom to Grow stamp and wondered if it would be possible to stamp on a rock.  I figured the worst that could happen would be that it  wouldn't work and I would just have to paint over it and start from scratch.

The lines came out a little thick because I pressed REALLY hard to be sure the entire image would come out.  Then...I just started sketching around him.

I went through my stamp book to see what other images might be cute on my rock and came across WINDOW BOX FRAME.  After stamping that image I drew a gnome inside of it.

Next, I came across this little watering can and bird (unfortunately I realized too late that this one is discontinued) and imagined that they belonged to the gnome.

I drew a door in on the last mushroom I added.  The gnome needed a neighbor right?? lol!

Lastly I just colored everything in.
The pavers measured 11" x 17."

I used copic markers rather than acrylics because I don't have a tiny enough paintbrush to paint some of the small details. It was a little streaky but I like the way it turned out.