Sunday, June 4, 2017

I Brake For...Southwest Scenes

Greetings!!!! Hannah, here! I am SO SO SO excited to share my card with you today! My family and I are currently on a vacation in Arizona, and today’s card was made with Arizona in mind!
Honestly, I had no idea what to expect when I came to Arizona. I expected heat and a desert, but I was blown away by the variety of landscape we’ve found! I am ashamed by how desolate and dreary I thought this state would be. (If you’re wondering, we’re down here for my cousin’s wedding and decided to tack on the Grand Canyon, among other things, to our trip.)
The northern part of the state was simply amazing, the temperature was wonderful and it seemed as if every 5 miles the terrain and the flora were completely different. On our way from Williams, we drove through Sedona, which vastly exceeded our expectations. THIS what the backdrop that I wanted to take photos of my card at! When I did my Google research for this card this was the sort of setting I looked at. In fact, I chose to not share the photos I took at home, they simply did not do this card justice.
We are now in Pheonix, which is much more of what I imagined this state to look like, though it does have its own beauty. I am incredibly grateful that I took this trip, it will be hard to top this vacation!
Now on to my card! The stamp I used for this can be found at I Brake For Stamps, it is the Southwest Scene Horse stamp. I looked at a LOT of Google images for inspiration, having never been here before. I also looked at a lot of Native American Art for inspiration on the outside detail.
Sometimes cards don’t just “come” to you, and I played with a variety of techniques, papers, and mediums before I was satisfied with the final look. What I settled on what to stamp in a brown ink and to use Prismacolor pencils for the coloring. My husband steered me away from using turquoise and bright reds on the outside detail and I’m very glad he did that, especially now that I see it in its proper setting. To finish it off I did a simple stitched border around it and called it perfect.

I LOVE the huge selection of Southwest-themed stamps I Brake For Stamps has to offer, there are 6 pages of stamps! From the comical to Native American, to those celebrating the beauty of this land, there is sure to be a stamp that inspires you, if my card is your style! 
I hope you enjoy the photos below, I had a difficult time choosing one or two to share, so I decided to share them all! 

If you like this stamp, you should check out I Brake For Stamps, the variety they have in store is incredible! They have so many designs to choose from you’ll constantly be going back for more! 


  1. Hannah, when I lived in California my husband and I took many road trips throughout the southwest. Sedona was one of my absolute favorite places to go. And if you ever get the chance go to Santa Fe, New MExico. Love your photos and wonderful card.

    1. Nancy, my original hope was to land in Santa Fe and drive to Phoenix, unfortunately that wasn't very realistic with a 5 year old. We settled on flying into Vegas so that we could see the Grand Canyon. I do hope to make it to Santa Fe someday!

      I actually intended to take photos of this card at the Grand Canyon, it was a fluke that we realized we could visit Sedona, I'm so glad we did!

    2. And thank you so much for your kind words!