Monday, October 12, 2015

I Brake For Silhouettes

{jane bosi}

I am always trying to think of new ways to use my bisters.  My goal is always to maintain the color saturation of each color. I started by scattering bisters on my non-stick kraft sheet.  I placed a stencil over the top of the sprinkled bisters and then misted the entire area.  From this process, I was able to pull two nicely (and uniquely) colored background pieces.  Neither has a distinct stencil design, but I'm good with it.  The stencil simply helped to create an interesting pattern in the ink flow vs. a specific design.

For the piece above, I added a final spray of water to blend the inks a bit more.  When it was thoroughly dry, I stamped Floral Silhouette Bouquet several times with Ranger Archival Ink.  This is my favorite black ink because of the intensity of the black image it provides.

To finish things off, I added some pearl accents, washi tape, baker's twine and a sentiment.  You'll find the sentiment, Thanks So Much, here.  There's lots more good stuff like this over in the store--I recommend just strolling around!  Have fun and be awesome!  TTFN--Jane


  1. I love the Bister background. Beautiful card!

  2. the Bister colors on your background are beautiful : ) I need to get some ,thx for the inspiration ...