Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 Magazine Commissions...

Hi Everyone, Robyn here. I have 3 cards (well 6 really but they are so similar that I'm bunching them together) to share with you today! These are each cards that a UK magazine asked that I create for their August 2011 issue (Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine). What is so neat about this is that they specifically requested these IBFS images! Isn't that neat! Way to go Della! :c)

For the first one, I've used the "To the One I Love" stamp by I Brake for Stamps. I used this card HERE and HERE back in January and February as a Valentine's Day card and a tag. I love it and it is SO cute! Can you tell that I love this stamp! Makes a great anniversary card as well!

To the One I Love

You can see this stamp on the IBFS website HERE.

My 1st Card

The second card(s)...

This one is called "1902 Cottage" and you can find it HERE on the IBFS website.

Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine card

The cards are very similiar, apart from using different marker colors...


Sorry it's a bit darker...


Finally, here is the 3rd...

This is probably my favorite rubber stamp of the 3 I've shared thus far. It's called 'Miss Rachel in the Garden', again these are all I Brake for Stamps stamps that the magazine requested that I use. There are 3 other "Miss Rachel" stamps on the IBFS website. You can see the others HERE , HERE, and HERE.

Magazine cards

Miss Rachel in the Garden
The second one really isn't that different, I just changed the marker colors and used a different ribbon and rub-on sentiment... (the lighting is way off in the picture below - sorry about that it wasn't a good lighting day that day).

Miss Rachel card
Well, that's it from me for today. I hope you enjoy seeing the cards that I made for the August issue. Thanks for stopping by today. Hope your week is going fabulous!

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